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  1. Will making an auto glass claim affect my insurance rate?
    •  No, it is very unlikely. Most glass claims fall under the comprehensive, as opposed to the collision part of your coverage, and shouldn’t affect your insurance unless, for example, you were to make several glass claims in a short period of time.
  2. Do I need to call or go to a claim centre?
    • No, Capital Glass is an I.C.B.C. Glass Express provider and also handles claims for ALL private insurance companies. You might recognize your policy by the name of one of the insurance companies listed here: Allstate, Aviva (Comox Valley Insurance), BCAA, Coast Auto (Coast Capital) , Canadian Direct (HSBC), Canadian Northern Shield, Community First, Family Insurance / Autocover (Sussex), ING Western Union, The Co-Operators, The Protector (Coast Country) and others.
  3. Can you waive all or part of my deductible?
    • No, waiving the deductible is an illegal offence under the Insurance Act of Canada. If a glass shop is willing to waive your deductible then you should consider that they might not be around to service any future warranties.
  4. Will the new glass you install be as good as what was originally in my vehicle?
    • Yes, Capital Glass carries the largest inventory of PPG, original equipment (OEM) glass on the North Island. PPG is also chosen by auto manufacturers such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and others.
  5. How long will you need my vehicle?
    • Usually 2-4 hours. This is for your safety; adhesives need adequate cure time in order to perform properly in the event that your vehicle was in a collision immediately after leaving the shop. If your vehicle has air bags this is especially critical.
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